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GREENCAFE needs English teachers!

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Above video is atmosphere of conversatonal lesson. Jananese customers need opportunities to speak English.
--- Message from Manager ---
English conversation cafe, "GREENCAFE", is providing places for students who want to learn and speak English. GREENCAFE rents a table for 3 hours from cafes in Tokyo Japan. GREENCAFE now has contracts to open classes in Ginza, Shinjuku and Nihonbashi-Kayabacho.

GREENCAFE supports English teachers and students by providing classes that are reasonable for both parties.

We currently have 3 locations, however, GREENCAFE would like to extend classes in many more cafes that have good atmospheres. If possible, GREENCAFE would like to open classes close to stations that used to hold NOVA classes.

GREENCAFE can open a class wherever we can rent a table and chairs for 3 hours.

If you are interested in opening classes as a teacher, first of all, we would like you to arrange a job interview with GREENCAFE. If both parties are agreeable, GREENCAFE will introduce English teaching locations that are comfortable for both teachers and students. You can announce your classes at the GREENCAFE website to get customers. Let's extend GREENCAFE classes together!

SIGN Naofumi Mogami
26th Jan, 2008

--- Job Summary ---
Are you interested in teaching English at Greencafe? Your primary responsibility is to communicate in English with our Japanese customers. Generally, our teachers don't use any materials to teach English (contact me if you have any ideas). You can engage in a wide variety of topics of your choosing, the customers will improve their English skills and you will have a chance to do culture exchange with all kinds of people!

Customer capacity per teacher: 4
Time frame: 3 hour session per day

--- Requirements ---
Legal visa of Japan
English is your first or native language

--- Benefit ---
Please ask, dependent on the number of customers.

--- Area of recruting ---

Any inquiries, feel free to contact me at:

mail address

Please set subject of email "GREENCAFE TEACHER APPLICATION" and attach your resume if you want to proceed job interview.

If you have skills to teach IELTS, please check IELTS teacher

Other offers, please see: OTHER RECRUITING


Are you looking for room in Japan? 5,000yen cash back! GREENCAFE coupons